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puce  Paris

puce  Jellyfish proliferate

puce  Refugees in Ras Jedir

puce  Conflict in Gaza

puce  The Flight of the Monarch

puce  Promenade in Havana

puce  The farmers of the sea

puce  Cemetery of Hell

puce  Genocid in Darfur

puce  “Agent Orange”

puce  Child marriages

puce  Kabayan’s mummies 
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Documentary and Breaking News - Freelance Cameraman

     For the past few years, Alexis Duclos has transformed his skills and talent towards television reporting. As a freelance cameraman, he works regularly for the American television network NBC News. He also collaborates with APTN (Association Press Television Network) and CNBC. His keen photographic background distinguishes his visual work in video.
     Alexis Duclos works with a Panasonic P2 HPX250 camera that allows filming in all formats (NTSC and PAL) on a P2 memory card. He is fully equipped with sound materiel and lighting. He can edit his production on Final Cut Pro 7 software.


/// Stranded in Calais

November 2014. 3 min. vidéo clip for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Thousands of migrants are stranded in the French port of Calais, having risked it all in the hope of reaching safety in the United Kingdom. But as tensions rise and conditions deteriorate, many people are losing hope.


/// Arkema Industry

October 2014. Length: 1 min. 30. Film shoot and edit of corporate video clip for ARKEMA company which illustrate the technical process of protecting glass bottles. Filmed, edited and produced by Alexis Duclos.

Arkema Corporate

/// Guédélon, a medieval castle in the making

Two seniors from the American School of Paris visit Guédelon, a castle in the making in Treigny, France. The students tour the castle grounds and learn different skills used by medieval castles builders. This story is produced by NBC Learn in partnership with Pearson. Cameraman : Alexis Duclos.


/// Refugees in the South of Chad

In February of 2013, The European Commission and the United Nations agency for refugees (UMHCR) commissioned a series of several videos on the life of refugees in the south of Chad. I filmed and produced video reports focusing on agricultural, educational and health themes. Versions of the reports are available in both English and French.

“Helping refugees help themselves” by Alexis Duclos and Nancy Ing

Duration : 10 minutes.  French version available. Français

South of Chad. February 2013. This region is home to more than 30,000 refugees who fled the war in their homeland, the Central African Republic. Since 2002, they crossed the borders into southern Chad, desperate for security and shelter. In response to the crisis, the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department and the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, provided humanitarian aid to save lives. Three camps were built with the cooperation of the Chadian government. Camp Amboko, Camp Gondje and Camp Dossey.

“Changing Lives” by Alexis Duclos and Nancy Ing
Duration : 3 minutes. French version available. Français

South of Chad. February 2012. Conflict in the Central African Republic has driven thousands across the borders to escape its horrors. Kaltouma Doudou lost everything when rebels attacked her village.

“Class Time” by Alexis Duclos and Nancy Ing
Duration: 3 minutes.

South of Chad. February 2012. It takes a child’s imagination to forget the daily hardships of living in a refugee camp.
For these young refugees Camp Amboko is HOME.
Since 2002, through various conflicts and countries, their families have crossed borders into Chad, all in search of security and shelter.

/// The Chained

In 2012, I wrote, filmed and co-produced the documentary, « The Chained » for France Television (France 0). In collaboration with « Chasseur d’Etoiles » productions, the 26-minute documentary tells the extraordinary story of Gregoire Ahongbonon through the liberation of two chained, mentally ill men.
The local population believes they are in habitated by demons and evil spirits. Faced with this situation, Gregoire Ahongbonon, a man driven by a deep faith, has made it his mission to help these sick people. Once he has convinced their families and the local shaman of his intentions, Gregoire removes the chains of the mentally sick person then takes him to one of the medical centers from his association the « Saint Camille », he has created. Here, among others liberated from their chains in the care of aid workers, the patient is given a chance to rediscover a decent life.
In these centers, the men and women are washed, fed, treated and protected by doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and aid workers. When the patients begin to recover their mental health, they are encouraged to learn a trade in the workshops at the centre so that they can be reintegrated into their village or with their families.


/// Tunisia: Refugees from the war in Libya

In February of 2011, protests against the dictatorship regime of Colonel Qaddafi broke out in Libya and rapidly turned to violence. The conflict intensified and created a massive exodus of people fleeing to neighboring countries, in particular, Tunisia. By the end of March, some 350,000 people had fled Libya. These were mainly Tunisian and Egyptian migrant workers but originated from other countries as well. The following montage of video highlights from reports produced for the UNHRC (The United Nations Agency for Refugees) shows the plight of the refugees along the border close to Libya near the town of Ras Jedir in Tunisia. Some refugees share their stories of their situation in Libya.


/// Ford, Rebuilding An American Icon

In this CNBC special business documentary, “Ford: Rebuilding An American Icon”, Alexis Duclos filmed the opening sequence of Ford company’s remarkable comeback on the automobile market. The video showcases the company’s CEO and Ford’s marketing strategy in the French capital at the Paris Auto Show. The film was produced in 2010 for CNBC, the world leader in business television news.


/// Pension Reform Protest, Crackdown at Total refinery strike

Breaking news report for APTV on violent standoff between French police forces and union strikers protesting pension reforms at the Total oil refinery in Grandpuits outside of Paris, France in the autumn of 2010.


/// Coronation, A Man Who Could be King

The film extract of the coronation of Adongo Akway Cham is one of the climaxes of an hour-long documentary film, “A Man Who Could be King” – a powerful story about a Sudanese refugee in Canada who unexpectedly inherits the crown from his father, the deceased King of the Anyuak tribe in Southern Sudan. Alexis Duclos’ footage captures the full emotion of the future King’s personal conflict of accepting the crown and the overwhelming responsibilities that this modern man faces in a primitive society. The original documentary produced for CBC TV was nominated for two Canadian Gemini awards : Best Social/Political Documentary and Best Script. It was extended to a 90-minute documentary for International National Geographic in 2007.

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