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The photos on this website are subject to international copyright law. Full or partial reproduction is prohibited without the prior authorization of Alexis Duclos.
Any use of the photography must be executed with respect for the author and his work.

Whatever the method or media of distribution or reproduction of the photography, the annotation "© Photo: Alexis DUCLOS" must appear clearly and without possibility of confusion. All full or partial reproduction made without the consent of the author or his authorized agent or rightsholder is prohibited. The transfer of reproduction rights and/or of representation of one or several photos by Alexis Duclos.
The licensing of reproduction or representation rights of one or more photos by Alexis Duclos, furthermore, does not release licensor from all obligations or liability arising from the rights of any persons figuring in the photographs, or those of the owners of any works photographed. Where applicable, it is the responsibility of the publisher to obtain all necessary rights associated with the subjects of the photographic images, any objects or persons figuring therein and the prior written accord of Alexis Duclos.

Apart from collector prints for certain works, the rights of reproduction for the following subjects belong to Gamma Agency : Child Marriage in India, Chained in Ivory Coast, Mummies in the Philippines some portrait and fashion work.
Furthermore, the respect for the integrity of all photographs shall be protected by the explicit prohibition to the publisher or distributor to transform, crop (except in imperative cases of layout), or otherwise modify any image without the prior agreement of Alexis Duclos. The corresponding caption must be included with the information provided about the photo. Any modifications of photo captions furnished by Alexis Duclos engages the liability of the Publisher, who alone assumes full responsibility for the text and captions generated by the editorial staff.

Alexis Duclos warrants on behalf of publisher the source and integrity of the documents. This contract is subject to French law and shall be interpreted according to existing jurisprudenceregarding past. In the event of disputes or litigation arising from this contract or the failure to execute any portion thereof, parties shall have recourse to the Paris court with jurisdiction.

puce  Photographs to sale

Today, photography has earned its place on the art market. The majority of photos found on this website are for sale. If you would like to purchase one of them, it is possible. Each original photo print will be numbered and signed by the photographer, and limited to a series of 20 copies formatted at 50 x 60 cm (print size 39 x 67 cm) and 10 copies formatted at 70 x 100 cm. The Central Color Laboratory in Paris will produce the print with instructions from Alexis Duclos.

Price without tax: 50 cm X 60 cm: 420 Euros    70 cm X 100 cm : 590,00 Euros    (Tax: 5.5%)

Mail :
Mob : +33 (0)6 08 45 12 35

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