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puce  Paris

puce  Jellyfish proliferate

puce  Refugees in Ras Jedir

puce  Conflict in Gaza

puce  The Flight of the Monarch

puce  Promenade in Havana

puce  The farmers of the sea

puce  Cemetery of Hell

puce  Genocid in Darfur

puce  “Agent Orange”

puce  Child marriages

puce  Kabayan’s mummies 
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puce  “The Chains of Lunatics”

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Global warming: Jellyfish proliferate with overfishing

The species “Pelagia Nocticula” are proliferating at an alarming rate along the coastlines of France. The consequences of this proliferation are disturbing the marine ecosystems. Delphine Thibault-Botha, a biologist at the Center of Oceanology in Marseille, France says “The jellyfish are invading the coasts during winter and summer because of global climate warming and because of the suppression of their predators due to overfishing. These gelatinous species cause serious damage by eating phenomenal quantities of sardines, anchovies and fish eggs. Certain colleagues predict an ocean of these gelatinous species…” The growth of jellyfish, in contrast to other organisms, is accelerating with the acidification of oceans. The seas of the world are invaded by jellyfish: the China Sea, the Black Sea, the Red Sea, the Baltic Sean and the sea in South Africa.




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