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puce  Paris

puce  Jellyfish proliferate

puce  Refugees in Ras Jedir

puce  Conflict in Gaza

puce  The Flight of the Monarch

puce  Promenade in Havana

puce  The farmers of the sea

puce  Cemetery of Hell

puce  Genocid in Darfur

puce  “Agent Orange”

puce  Child marriages

puce  Kabayan’s mummies 
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puce  “The Chains of Lunatics”

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The farmers of the sea in Bali

Indonesia. Bali. April 2007. On the riverbeds of the Island of Nusa Lembongan, throughout the night of the full moon, the entire population is dedicated to the harvest of seaweed. Under the protection of the gods and the stars, lit by lanterns or homemade torches, men and women cultivate the sea. The story has 37 pictures. 10 are presented on this site.

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