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Biography of Alexis DUCLOS, Photographer/Video Cameraman and Filmmaker

Alexis DuclosAlexis Duclos worked exclusively as a news/magazine photographer around the world from 1981 to 2004 before becoming a successful video cameraman/filmmaker.

He recently filmed and produced a half hour documentary entitled, “The Chained” for France Television who was broadcasted in April 2012 on its magazine show, “Investigation”. The film profiles an extraordinary man in West Africa who makes it his mission to liberate the mentally in ill that have been chained by their own families for fear of their mental sickness.
Alexis Duclos initiated the one-hour documentary, “The Man Who Would Be King” For the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2002. The film traces the odyssey of a Sudanese refugee living in Canada who suddenly discovers he has been chosen to inherit the Kingship of the Anyuak tribe in Southern Sudan. Alexis was the principle cameraman on the film, which subsequently was nominated for two Gemini documentary awards in 2004: Best script and Best Social Political documentary. The film was later turned into a 90-minute documentary for International National Geographic and broadcasted in 2007.
In 2010 and 2011, Alexis invested more time and produced more work in television reporting. As a video cameraman, he freelanced regularly for the American TV network, NBC News. In 2012, he produced an independent 26-minute film documentary, "Les Enchainés" for France Television. In 2013, this film received a special mention from the jury in the FIGRA news documentary festival.

Throughout this period, Alexis Duclos pursued his photography and continued producing photographic subjects for news, publicity and for corporate businesses.  

For nineteen years from 1985-2004, Alexis Duclos belonged to the staff of the prestigious press agency Gamma. His tenure with Gamma enabled him to travel extensively around the world covering a variety of topics, and he soon became one of the most versatile photographers of the agency. He has reported on such varied subjects such as the famine in Africa, social unrest in Europe, economic crisis in South America, deforestation but also the Olympic games in Seoul, Barcelona and Sydney, the Cannes Film Festival and fashion. He produced several exclusive magazine reports for Gamma that were difficult to obtain such as the mummies of Ibalois in the Philippines, child marriage in India and the conditions of the mentally ill in the Ivory Coast that won three photographic awards in 2002
Alexis has also invested his skills and time in producing subjects that feature the sea and the environment. He was recipient of EDF-GDF Environmental award in 1992 for deforestation.

Today, agents who collaborate with the largest international publications distribute his photographic reports in over forty countries. Many of his award-winning photographs have been chosen for exhibition in Photo Festivals around the world.

puce Work Experience

2014 –Working as cameraman on the shooting of film documentary "Heroes of old hickory" produced by Lew Adams
– Producer, Cameraman and writer of “The Chained”, a half hour documentary on the mentally ill in West Africa to be aired on France Television 0. The original photo magazine report was produced in 2002 and received three awards: Fuji Film press awards, Golden Eye and Anger photo festival awards.
2009 – 2015 – Freelance cameraman covering breaking news and magazine reports for television networks such as NBC NEWS, CBS Entertainment, and Australian TV, APTN
2008 – 2009 – Photographic consultant for Veolia Environment Company. A complete photo documentation of Veolia’s waste management branches around the world was produced for the company’s marketing department and archives.
2002 –2007 – Cameraman on the one hour and 90 minute documentary “The Man who would be King” for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and International National Geographic Channel. The film is about the story of an ordinary refugee in Canada who inherits the kingship in Southern Sudan and becomes an extraordinary leader of the Anyuak tribe struggling to survive. Nominated for two Canadian Gemini film awards.
1985 – 2004 – Staff photographer of Gamma photo agency based in Paris, France.
1981 – 1985 – Freelance and staff photographer for Associated Press.

puce References

Producer and Filmmaker for a 26 minutes TV documentary « The Chained» for France Télévision. The film profiles an extraordinary man in West Africa who makes it his mission to liberate the mentally in ill that have been chained by their own families for fear of their mental sickness.
Cameraman freelance for NBC News TV
Photography consultant for Véolia environment, 2008/2009
Exhibitions at TOPS - World Photojournalism Festival, in China at Shenyang. June/july 2008
Marine Visions photo Exhibit at Sevres Cultural Centre (SEL) February 2005
July 2006, Photographer of the advertising "Alice's Family" for Telecom Italia
Photo Exhibit at Sevres Cultural Centre (SEL) February 2005
Selected for “Day in the life of Lithuania” May 2004 (Exhibit and Book)
Solo exhibit “Photos” at Pin Up Studio in Paris 2003
“Photos of Alexis Duclos” published book
Awarded “Fuji Film Press Award” 2002
“Documentary Prize” award at Festival of Angers 2002
Winner of “Eye of Gold” in 2002
Visa for photos at Perpignan photo exhibition for “Mummies” in 2001
Photos included in “Olympic Games in Barcelona” Book
Photos included in Olympic Games in Seoul Book
Gamma Photo exhibition on Olympic Games in Seoul
Exhibition on “deforestation” at the Palais du Trocadero museum in Paris                     
EDG-GDF Environmental award on deforestation in 1992
Picture of the Year Award for Excellence for Famine in Sudan 1991


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